Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Snow Went, So I Did Too

The snow went, so I did too. I ventured south for the weekend. I stayed with my brother. He’s making hang gliders. If you’re a musician he’ll make you one for free.

I had a marvellous time. But my brain was seeping out all over my desk at work today, as it will if you take a couple of days off & remember that your job has little relevance to you, other than it provides the money for your food & shelter. Just about. It’s a damn nuisance trying to get your brain back in after it has started seeping out.

I was at a loose end yesterday morning before getting my train in the afternoon, so I took the opportunity to wander aimlessly around Tate Britain. I like Tate Modern, it’s interesting. But it’s not got the same atmosphere as Tate Britain. It’s so chilled out and has a good mix of old and new. It’s not jumping on your head and screaming for attention like a child who’s drunk too much coke, in the way that the Tate Modern does. I even like the walk from Pimlico. That area seems like a protective bubble for me to run around in.

I wandered down some old paths too, almost stumbling into nostalgia. But I think I avoided it. There were some small quiet moments.

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