Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I Got the Bus This Morning

My journey to work was soundtracked by a playlist I made from all those sitting down on the left of the homepage of

I threw in Fresher Than the Sweetness in Water by Honeybus and While You Wait for the Others by Grizzly Bear for good measure. So much good stuff in there. And the fact that, minus the latter two additions, Karl Blau has offered them to you for nowt, makes me feel a fuzzy feeling in my belly. And Slow Down, Joe is not going to leave my head in a long time.

In other news, I have become fascinated by my slightly rotund neighours. They share a ground floor flat and don't seem to have realized that if you leave your curtains open at night & keep the lights on, it's pretty much impossible to resist staring as you walk past. It's become like a five second soap as I walk up the drive in the evenings. Admittedly a pretty boring one where some one is either sprawled on the sofa with their laptop or sitting at the table with their laptop. Some days though, it gets pretty exciting. Some days you get one person doing something in the adjacent kitchen & one person in the living room... it's a sensory overload. The most pleasing fact though, is that they use an empty Roses box as a vase. This pleases me greatly.

This isn't a new video, but I've only found it recently. It makes me all kinds of happy. A creepy, slightly odd vid, tempered by the rock person thing looking like a creature from the Mighty Boosh...

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