Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Please Don’t Wake Me Up

Cuthbert had been sleeping for many years. He had decided there was little reason to leave his bed. So he pulled up his bed covers and said, “Good night world, I am going to have a long snooze now. Please don’t wake me up.”

And snooze he did. No one knows for how long. Cuthbert didn’t know, because he had been asleep at the time. And when he woke up there was no one left to tell him.

So he woke up at a point in time, if time could still be considered to exist. Which I suppose it could, as Cuthbert was there to perceive it. He stretched in his bed like a lazy cat, before jumping out. The years spent in a horizontal fashion didn’t seem to have had an adverse affect upon his body.

Cuthbert couldn’t tell if it was night or day. His heavy curtains drawn across the windows were not giving any hints.

He went to the door. He should get some fresh air, he supposed.

He opened the front door of his house. It was dark, but it wasn’t night time. There wasn’t a moon. There were no stars. There were no clouds to obscure these things. There was nothing.

Cuthbert decided to go back to bed. “Maybe there will be something when I wake up,” he said and pulled the covers back over his head.

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